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Saturday, February 11, 2006


CORE Magazine

CORE Magazine is a grass roots movement for positive news, and promotion of the Virgin Islands and its peolpe. As the premier guide to culture and entertainment in the VI, we cover the people, events, music, trends and issues that make up the various components of the VI urban lifestyle.

With no publications existing that cover in full; the diverse culture of the British and United States Virgin Islands, we at CORE see the impending need to capture and narrate the growth and history of these beautiful islands. All staff at CORE are locally bred and born.

Our goal at CORE is to act as support for various sectors of Virgin Islands culture through providing a platform that will chronicle, inform, and promote the milestones of these related individuals and enterprises; plus any and all phenomena that help to strengthen the rich heritage and culture of the Virgin Islands.

As an effective medium that resonates with both young and mature audiences CORE is in a unique position to unite, educate, entertain, uplift, and empower its readers.

Most importantly, at CORE we strive to highlight the drive and vision of young entrepreneurs whose stories provide inspiration and hope to the youth in our community.

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