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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The Conservative Democrat

It always comes down to the minimum wage. The fact of the matter is that the minimum wage is an artificial price control that cannot be enforced upon emerging countries. This being true, sooner or later americans are going to have give in to earning lower wages. Free trade in the americas will force the normalization of wages across the two continents over time.

Globalization will force wages down in this market as other countries develop worldwide. We see this already as outsourcing has become a household word.

This cheap labor that the farmers are capitalizing on is crucial to the cost efficient production of their cropsand ultimately helps control inflation at a higher level. The increase of wages drives inflation and makes american labor more expensive and less attractive in a world market.

I am with George (rare event) let them work on the guest status visa towards their immigration. We are going to have to develop Mexico and the other Central & South American countries eventually. Why not start now?


Why do we need to help develop other countries when our own needs enough?....


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